Photovoltaic energy

The energy of solar radiation

VSB, winner of many calls for tenders from the Commission de Régulation de l’Energie (CRE)

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Photovoltaic solar energy refers to electricity generated by converting a portion of the sun's radiation using a photovoltaic cell. This energy is inexhaustible and available worldwide. France has the fifth largest solar energy reserves in Europe.

Solar energy now represents around 2% of the French energy mix. It is however the first electrical capacity connected in the world. The electricity produced can be injected into power grids but also consumed locally.

 VSB and solar !

Our design office, which is part of the VSB teams, allows us to be reactive and creative to meet your expectations in the current regulatory and pricing context.

We are developing a wide portfolio of rooftop power plants, car park shades, but also ground power plants on degraded sites or natural areas, as well as floating power plants (bodies of water).

VSB also offers its customers a wide range of services (design office, project management assistance, project management contracts, general contracting).



What we produce :

Natural areas and degraded sites (>5ha)

Former industrial sites

Military land

Former careers

Older landfills


Water bodies

Floating PV [>5ha]

Car parks (shade houses) & Large roofs


Photovoltaic shade house

>10 000m2

Agricultural PV solutions

Agricultural PV solutions

Shading solution on existing production >15 ha

Livestock, forage production ...

Synergy between agricultural production and sustainable energy


400 MWp

under development


60 MWp

won in national calls for tenders (winner CRE)

160 K modules

installed per year


Advantages of photovoltaics :

  • Inexhaustible energy available everywhere
  • Flexible energy adapted to expectations and means
  • Very low operating cost


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