Repowering, dismantling ?

Upgrade your park to produce better !


When a park reaches the end of its life (20 to 30 years of operation for wind farms), questions about its future arise. Two solutions are then available: dismantle the farm and return the land to its natural state, or carry out a Repowering process.

The latter involves dismantling the park in order to renew it. This generally involves the use of more powerful and quieter turbines, but also better optimization of production (production data and the wind deposit are already known and analyzed over at least 20 years of service).

VSB and repowering !

VSB's expertise will support you in all aspects of power plant development, from the sale of electricity on the market to the «repowering» of installations and energy management using new technical and economic models.

Valuation and asset management

We discuss the « repowering » of your power plants with an analysis of your sites to identify the best option to sustain and optimize energy production. Once this audit has been carried out, we will assist you in implementing this solution by supporting you in the development and construction operations.


«Install less to produce more! In Rivesaltes (66), VSB carried out its first repowering project on behalf of GEG ENR Company. By replacing 8 old turbines with 6 new ones of equal size, the power of the park has increased from 7.6 MW to 11MW »

The advantages of repowering :

  • Increase in the amount of energy generated by the park
  • Reduction of maintenance costs through the use of more advanced technologies
  • Quieter wind turbines
  • A very low cost price and therefore even more competitive energy


1. Are all parks that have been issued with a purchase obligation eligible for a repowering operation ?

2. Does the repowering of a park require a new application for an environmental permit ?

3. Repowering or revamping ?

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