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Ensuring the financial package for energy projects

The expertise of our teams guarantees an optimized return on your energy project! As a player in renewable energies for 20 years, our knowledge of the market gives us a complete vision and real expertise to finance your projects.

Our skills :

Legal and financial arrangements

Do you have a project and want to carry it out? Our team of financial and legal experts will provide you with advice and support in optimizing your financial and legal arrangement.


In 20 years of existence, VSB has built up a real experience in the search for funding and investment. Today, VSB maintains a true relationship of trust with its financial partners, guaranteeing the success of your commitments.

Participative solutions

Be part of the energy transition on your territory. Simple financing or investment, VSB offers you the opportunity to participate in the success of its parks, in the form of an interest-bearing loan or dividends.

Public-private partnerships

We develop the power plant and open the capital of the project company to our investors in a financial partnership.

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Crowdfunding: example of the Chaillac photovoltaic power plant (Indre - 36) :

During the development of this 13.41 MW solar park, 550,000€ were opened for construction. With a secured fixed interest rate of 5% for citizens, the crowdfunding participants were able to lend between €10 and €15,000 to the project company. This allowed lenders to support locally the implementation of the park and to receive a return on investment. The interests are made annually, with the initial capital being recovered after only 4 years. This operation organized with ENERFIP was a real success for the territory.


Participatory investment: example of the Coësmes wind farm (Ille-et-Vilaine - 35)

During the development of the Coësmes wind farm (18 MW), seventeen local farmers came together by creating the association "Terre et Vent" in order to participate financially in the development of the project. By fully integrating the governance of the project company via a participatory investment process, the association became an actor in the development of the project on its territory, taking part in local consultation and ensuring the project's proper development.

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