Asset Management

Optimization, performance and customer service

Equipment at the top of technology to optimize your production


Technical management of parks - Operations:

We take care of all the technical and administrative parameters. We also manage internally the maintenance of your photovoltaic installations with the most modern equipment on the market (thermal drone camera ...).

VSB bureau exploitation éolien


Installation monitoring

Availability monitoring and optimization of production

Team availability 24/7

VSb maintenance photovoltaïque


Management of wind farm maintenance operations

In-house maintenance of photovoltaic and hydroelectric parks

Consulting & training

Power plant due diligence and appraisals

Elaboration of action plans to optimize the means of production

Technical support for the negotiation of guarantee agreements

Technical training of intervention teams

Administrative and commercial management :

We fully assume the role of administrative delegate. Our activity includes the day-to-day management of companies, the monitoring of accounts and taxation, controlling &reporting, project financing, valuation and advice.

Day-to-day company management

Monitoring and control of invoicing

Cash and settlement management

Land and maintenance contract management

Monitoring of accounts and taxation

Controlling & reporting

Regular reporting according to customer requirements

Advice & support

Asset performance monitoring and analysis

Constitution of the « data-room »

Support for the sale and/or purchase of projects

Legal assistance


We value to your electricity produced by selling it on the free market by ensuring the sale of your electricity after the purchase contract or under additional remuneration. We value to your capacity certificates by helping you with your obligations (REMIT, CRE reporting).

Particular attention is given to overall energy management. The technical challenges of integrating EnR on the electricity grid (intermittency, production/consumption balance) and territorial issues invite us to imagine and implement innovative models.

Reporting of monthly production results

As part of the European REMIT regulation (for assets over 10MW)

Management and valuation of guarantees

Production capacity and renewable origin of the facilities

Management and optimization of electricity sales

Comparison, negotiation and implementation of aggregation contracts

Management of interactions with all stakeholders (network operators, aggregators, etc...)

Optimization of production according to the price and resource signal

Monitoring of results and edition of monthly summary reports

At VSB, special attention is paid to the management and use of energy.

  1. Technical issues of integration of EnR on the power grid (intermittence, non controllable character, production/consumption balance)
  2. Local production and consumption (territorial issues)
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900 MW

asset tracking

55 wind farms

in operations

90 PV power plants

in operation and maintenance monitoring

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