Self consumption

Electricity self-consumption

Reduce you bill, enhance your image, consume green and local !

"Do you have a rooftop or a carpark available ? Choose self-consumption ernergy to save money, produce and consume green and local energy !"

A photovoltaic installation allows today the production of an electric kWh cheaper than the one bought from your electricity supplier. Through self-consumption, you become your own electricity producer, you directly consume the energy you produce and reduce your dependence on an electricity supplier. In this way, you cover part of your energy needs.

VSB offers you a turnkey package of photovoltaic self-consumption plants :

Carpark Shelter self consumption

Parking shelters

Enhance your carpark to provide comfort to your customers & employees while producing your own energy.

Rooftop self consumption


Add value to your asset by equipping your rooftop with a photovoltaic installation. Simple and economical.

VSB self consumption ground-based installation

Ground-based installation

Use all your surfaces, even the most inactive and consume your own electricity!

VSB offer :

Your self-consumption system without initial investment on your part.

VSB assures you :

  • A full service to make you benefit from electricity at a reduced cost.
  • Diagnosis and sizing.
  • Financing, construction and commissioning of the plant.
  • Operation and maintenance.
  • Installation of electric charging stations (on demand).

Benefits :



VSB takes care of everytging : financing, construction, maintenance of the facility.



Shaded parking facilities for your customers in summer and covered in winter.



Variability of the costs of electricity supply under control over 25 years.
No expense.



Reduction of your electricity bill (between 15% and 30%).
Valuation of your real estate asset.



CSR approach.
Green and local consumption.


A response to energy challenges :

  • Maintain affordable prices for electricity.
  • Limit greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Consume less and better electricity.
  • Promote a local and renewable resource.

Self-consumption, how does it work ? Example of a project :

Your company has a building with a 1000m2 roof. Your electricity needs are 667 MWh/year, which means an annual energy bill of 93 380€*. The surface area of the roof allows the installation of a 120 kWc solar power plant that produces 210 MWh/year. 200 MWh will be "self-consumed" directly by your company and 10 MWh/year will be reinjected into the network. The power plant covers more than 30% of your electricity needs and 95% of your solar production is consumed. (* Based on 140 €/MWh)

VSB, a national player listed by System U central purchasing office

With ambitious objectives in terms of the development of solar energy, in 2019 the retail cooperative launched a demanding procedure to select its operators in terms of renewable energy.

With 1 590 stores, the potential for the deployment of rooftop photovoltaic power plants and car park shading is a real opportunity for the French photovoltaic business.

Through this listing, VSB énergies nouvelles is confirming its level of expertise in providing services on behalf of third parties and carrying out self-consumption projects, two key aspects of its French strategy.

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