Local Communities

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Designing the renewable energy of tomorrow: a local added value


Green energy, a source of economic and social benefits for the territory

VSB supports local authorities in the development of their energy model by developing tailor-made, concerted and optimized projects. Particular attention is paid to the landscaping of our parks and the preservation of biodiversity.

We also attach a lot of importance to information by using transparent communication with elected representatives and citizens throughout our projects: organization of offices in town halls, information meetings, park visits...

As a local councillor, you have many opportunities to take action for the energy transition: wind farms, car park shades, roofs of municipal buildings, solar power plants on a degraded area (former quarry / waste disposal site) ... Don't wait any longer, act at your own level!

The installation of a renewable energy plant is a source of income for communities, at municipal and intermunicipal level … Through the establishment of secure and sustainable rental income for the occupation of communal roads, but also through local taxation (financial contribution of companies, contribution on the added value of companies, flat-rate taxation on network companies, property tax on built property).

Finally, green energy is also a source of new jobs! During the construction phase, VSB favours local subcontractors. The operation and maintenance of the parks and power stations also requires local labour for at least 20 years.

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