Integrate green energy into your energy policy with VSB

Corporate PPA

VSB supports you in translating your commitments into action

Provide your industrial sites with renewable energy production plants

Roofing, land abandonment, car parks, your sites can offer new production capacities for renewable energies, particularly photovoltaic energy. Let us handle your project from its development to its operation!

Go further with Corporate PPA

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA or Corporate PPA) is a long-term electricity supply contract. It is concluded between a renewable energy producer and an energy consumer. In contrast to self-consumption, the places of production and consumption can be different. The customer then has the choice of buying the production of a specific power plant or a product from several parks via an aggregator.

With PPA, consume green electricity of controlled origin and promote your RSE approach. Obtain competitive energy at a stable price and a secure supply over the long term.


The main advantages of PPA 

Centrale solaire photovoltaïque de Chaillac 36

A guarantee of stable electricity supply costs

Secure your supply and preserve a purchase cost in the face of rising electricity prices

PPA parc éolien de Crennes VSB

An enhanced brand image

Take an active part against global warming by supporting energy transition

PPA - Centrale solaire photovoltaïque de Tougas 44

Green electricity from controlled sources

The green electricity you consume is certified by its geographical origin and its renewable origin. You promote and consume clean energy that respects the environment.

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