VSB Group

A strong local base, an international presence


What's important to us...

Passionate about renewable energies, we are convinced that green electricity can and must take a more important place in the French energy landscape.

 We attach particular importance to transparency, integrity, fairness and sustainability in our business transactions but also with our partners and employees.

The actions of the VSB Group are based on three main criteria: ecology, profitability and social responsibility.

VSB Group, our corporate efficiency

VSB Group has been working for Europe's energy future for more than 20 years now. During this time and even nowadays, our network of subsidiaries abroad continues to grow. Through the synergy of its skills, experience and contacts, VSB Group offers you the widest possible range of solutions for all your needs.

Our aim is to increase Europe's energy efficiency by developing renewable energies with your support. Energy is found in natural resources and also in the excellence of our firm. Together, let's make the future greener!

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