Joutensuo, Pudasjärvi

Current information about Joutensuo hybrid farm

Project area of Joutensuo wind-solar-hybrid farm is located in Northern Ostrobothnia, in the municipality of Pudasjärvi, northwest from lake Jaurakkajärvi. The planned project area is about 7500 hectares.

Project area consists of 34-51 wind turbines with total generation capacity of 270-410 MW. 

Wind power local master plan and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will be executed as a joint procedure.

In addition to wind power, a solar power production is planned for the agricultural area near the wind farm. The preliminary size of the solar farm is about 80 hectares, and the farm's capacity is approximately 60 MWp.

Time schedule

2022-2023 Commencement of hybrid farm planning
2023-2026 Local master plan and environmental impact assessment (EIA)
2027-2028 Building permits
2028 Commencement of construction
2030 Commercial commissioning of hybrid farm

Project information

Quantity of turbines 34-51
Total Capacity 270-410 MW
Total Capacity of the solar farm 60 MWp
Commencement of construction 2028
Commencement of production 2030


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