Reference project U tri panu

U tri panu

Region Liberec, Czech Republic

  • 3 units
  • Enercon E-70
  • 6.00 MW Total Capacity
  • Commissioning 2006
  • Project Development, Operation Management

Commissioning three wind-turbines in Modava, a community set in the eastern Ore Mountains, a ten-year planning history came to an end. Today, the windfarm generates enough electricity to supply about 4,500 households. U tri Panu windfarm is a result of cross-national cooperation between Germany and the Czech Republic.

A long way to go

Many a hurdle had to be taken until the windfarm could be built:

  • Debates on a governmental bill to regulate the Czech feed-in-tariffs greatly influenced the windfarm’s financing.
  • The flood of August 2002 damaged the access road, thus hindering the delivery of the windfarm’s components.
  • In 2003, the black grouse was discovered near the outlined location. Consequently, the surrounding was turned into a bird reserve and the plan had to be redesigned from the roots.

Grand Opening

At the windfarm’s grand opening in August of 2006, the turbines were named “Ferdinand”, “Bronislav” and “Vavřinec”. The names were inspired by the saint’s days for the three dates of being granted the building permit, the groundbreaking and the turbines’ commissioning.

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