Reference project Trendelburg


Hessen, Germany

  • 7 units
  • Nordex N131
  • 23.1 MW Total Capacity
  • Commissioning 2018
  • Project Development, Operation Management

Clean energy generation in working forests

Two percent of Hesse’s territory is intended for the use of wind energy: Among them are, with tight restrictions, selected locations in economically used forests. On one of these sites, seven wind turbines were built between February 2017 and March 2018, resulting from a close cooperation between VSB, the Hessian Forestry Administration and the Reinhardshagen forestry office.

A special focus on fire protection

Fire protection in the forest requires even greater attention than in the open land. As for all aspects of windfarm planning, compliance with regulatory standars is inevitable. For Trendelburg windfarm, measures to prevent fire hazards were fixed in the permit for building and operating the turbines. These include, for example, the installation of protective devices for lighting and overvoltage such as a constant online-monitoring of the operating temperature.

Compensatory measures for forest preservation

Prior to planning a wind energy project on a forest site, the environmental compatibility must be considered in depth. Thus, we took into consideration both environmental protection and the forest’s recreational value. This also involved a close cooperation with regional authorities and the forestry office.

The area cleared for the windfarm’s operation period has a size of about 50,000 m². To compensate for that, a new forest is planted in the local subdistrict of Gottsbüren – with domestic broadleaves and near-nature edges. Another 6.500 m² were cleared, but only used temporarily and reforested right after the construction period.

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