Reference project Rougemont I

Rougemont I

Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France

  • 13 units
  • GE 120
  • 36,1 MW Total Capacity
  • Commissioning 2018
  • Operation Management

Rougemont I, Rougemont II and Vaite wind farms are located in several communes in the Doubs department (25) in the east of France.

The Rougemont I wind farm consists of 13 General Electric GE120 machines and represents a power of 36.1 MW.

The windfarms operated by VSB, Rougemont 1, Rougemont 2 and Vaite make up a large part of the " Dames du Doubs wind farm" with 43 wind turbines out of the 54 registered.  In total, the power operated by VSB in this geographical area represents 119.4 MW.

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