Reference project Lommatzsch


Sachsen, Germany

  • 9 units
  • Enercon E66, E-70 and E-92
  • 18.40 MW Total Capacity
  • Commissioning 2002-2016
  • Project Development, Operation Management, Maintenance und Repairs

Lommatzsch – saxony’s green community

This wind farm was built in several construction phases on the basis of a long-term joint venture with the town of Lommatzsch. The open exchange with the responsible representatives and citizens contributed to collaborative, targeted and constructive project realisation.
The optimized layout of the wind farm allows for maximum agricultural use of the cultivated land. This was in part the result of a target reconciliation procedure with the community. Construction of the plant was also monitored by archaeologists.

Promoting of acceptance

Transparency and local involvement meant that immediate neighbours and residents in the region have a positive attitude towards the project. We provided information about the wind farm in the market square, supported village fairs, and organised guided wind farm tours and festivals; we also sponsored the local soccer club for many years and the “Junior Energy Cup” event. Local residents participated in the farm through our fundraising campaign “VSB-Bürgersparen”.
Jointly with the VSB network, we developed an energy and illumination concept to ease the burden of the municipal treasury. A new combined heat and power plant heats the rooms of the local school. The people of Lommatzsch can use an online energy tool to check whether their roof is suitable for a photovoltaic system. 

Protection of nature for humans and animals

We have created a new habitat for the critically endangered hermit beetle with pyramids of dead wood, away from the wind turbines. We also want to protect bats, so we temporarily deactivate the turbines. By demolishing buildings that were no longer used, and by clearing soil and adding subsequent plantings, we returned important areas to their natural state.
Today these areas are planted with shrubs and trees and invite you to take a walk, just like the traditional mixed orchards and fruit trees along the country lanes. Rare and endangered wild herbs can also be found here again. All this is part of the overall wind farm project, which now is a model in Saxony for the compatibility of energy generation and environmental protection.

“With the addition of an old cherry tree alley in Schwochau, VSB makes an important contribution toward preserving the historic field path system in the “Lommatzscher Pflege” landscape as a nature experience area for the future.”

Franziska Schütze – Association Lommatzscher Pflege erLEBEN e.V.

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