Reference project Gross-Schacksdorf


Brandenburg, Germany

  • 8 units
  • Enercon E-82
  • 16 MW Total Capacity
  • Commissioning 2009
  • Project Development, Operation Management

A wind blowing from Brandenburg and Poland for eco-friendly electricity

The residents of Gross-Schacksdorf and the surrounding communities are very open-minded towards renewable energy. The joint venture with the community and with Mayor Wolfgang Katzula was extremely pleasant and constructive. As a result, the groundbreaking ceremony for the official opening of the construction site in September 2008 and the wind farm dedication in 2009 were also highly anticipated events. The residents frequently use the clubhouse, refurbished in 2009, which features an exhibition of renewable energy for visitors of all ages.

A special challenge

The Döbern aerial defence site is located approximately 10.5 kilometres away from the wind farm. EADS Deutschland GmbH provided a special expert opinion to assess possible adverse effects to the radar from the planned wind farm. To exclude interferences caused by shading the radar and reducing the range, one wind energy plant was shifted and the height of Plant 4 was reduced. The planned location for two turbines was relocated in order to protect bats, which were monitored for three years.

Compensatory measures

  • Ecological conversion of the forest from pinewood to birch trees and common oak
  • Creation of extensively used grassland and landscape lawn
  • Three years of bat monitoring
  • Planting of hedges on 4,120 square metres
  • Planting of tree rows
  • Supplementation of alley trees
  • Demolition and removal of an old hog house, a duck barn and a tower silo; subsequent planting of shrubs and lawn

VSB takes regional circumstances into account. We find solutions for realising wind farm projects – even for special challenges.

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