Reference project Battery Storage Wölkisch

Battery Storage Wölkisch

Saxony, Germany

  • Siemens storage system Siestorage, 660 lithium-ion battery modules from Samsung
  • 4.8 MW Total Capacity
  • Commissioning 2019
  • Project Development, Operation Management, Construction

The wind farm in Wölkisch

In 2015, with 10 Senvion MM92 turbines, the Wölkisch wind farm went into operation in the municipality of Lommatzsch. Before the project could be carried out, VSB had intense discussions with the city, the land owners and the authorities, going as far back as 1997. In order to promote acceptance of the wind farm, a citizens' participation concept was developed so that citizens could participate in the project financially through a savings system. In addition, VSB took measures to protect nature, such as unsealing and planting.

Battery storage as a pilot project

Although the wind turbines have been rotating since 2015, the cooperation between VSB and the town of Lommatzsch has not ended. Rather, a new, innovative project has been worked on in order to meet another challenge of the energy revolution: the alternating feed-in of wind and sun increases frequency fluctuations in the power grid, which can lead to energy shortages and surpluses in the power grid. This is the aspect the concept of battery storage tackles.

How a battery storage works

In the event of feed-in or load fluctuations in the power grid, energy is stored in the batteries or taken from them. The battery storage unit serves as a reserve capacity, which is provided as a primary control reserve (PCR). The PCR is used by the German transmission system operators as the first power reserve as soon as the grid frequency falls below or exceeds a certain limit. The transmission system operator can, therefore, purchase reserves from the battery storage or feed in excess energy in order to stabilise the power grid and ensure a continuous supply of electricity. With the battery storage in Wölkisch, the VSB Group has made another step towards our goal of generating energy exclusively through renewable energies.

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