The children’s book "Niech Wieje Wiatr" (Let the wind blow)

Press  / Wrocław / 17.02.2020

We have known for a long time that educating the youngest is the key to the future of our world.

We can feel the issue of global warming and its consequences today. VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska as a member of the Polish Wind Energy Association (PWEA) indirectly supports the education initiative by providing free materials for children, among others the children’s book Niech Wieje Wiatr (Let the wind blow) published by PWEA and Wind Europe. The attached material tells the youngest, in an accessible way, the story of the issue of global warming and shows how we can stop the process of further development of its negative consequences, among others by increasing the amount of energy generated from renewable sources. The attached children’s book can also be used as an audiobook. It’s a pleasure to read - we also recommend it for adults.

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