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Press  / Wroclaw / 18.05.2021

VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska sp. z o.o., a leader in the renewable energy industry in Europe, is looking for land for lease for photovoltaic power plants throughout the country.

The plot should meet the following parameters:

  • Area of over 60 ha (it does not have to be in one piece, it can be plots of land close to each other)
  • The minimum width of the plot of 40 m
  • Medium or high voltage grid nearby / Main supply point
  • Land of class IV, V, VI
  • No objects shading the plot, such as tall buildings or trees
  • Area intended for production or without a local spatial development plan

Benefits of leasing your land:

  • Lease rent is indexed every year for a period of 30 years
  • Minimum PLN 12,000 per year for each leased hectare
  • Chance for developing land of lesser class

VSB is a company that’s been operating in Poland for 20 years, financially stable, with Swiss capital. We employ around 300 specialists throughout Europe. We have our own wind and solar power plants.

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