Project development

project planning

VSB assists you in every phase
of your wind or photovoltaic project

Successful site selection

When searching for suitable wind park locations, we consider a wide range of important criteria. Potential sites are assessed comprehensively in terms of wind potential, associated profitability and authorisation requirements. We also closely consider the site’s nature conservation legislation and existing infrastructure. VSB supports communities and property owners in the preparation of development plans. Only sites that meet all criteria can create win-win situations for all parties involved.

Professional project planning

Based on sound calculations, VSB develops a customized energy concept for your location. Yield calculations from differing turbine types, as well as important project-related technical reports form part of the detailed planning process. Modern measurement and monitoring equipment, such as wind measurement masts and acoustic remote measuring techniques (SODAR), are also applied.

Noise emission forecasts, shadow reports, nature conservation reports and site access plans are all important considerations to assess on the way to a socially-acceptable and sustainable wind energy project. During every step of the wind park project process, nature conservation is always an important priority. The VSB Group tasks renowned experts with detailed reports in order to gain comprehensive insight into local species and their habitat. Another important part of the process is medium and high voltage electrical system design, grid connection and cable planning. It is our goal to develop an energy concept which is tailored to the needs of the community and which allows permanent control of total costs.

Successful implementation

After the detailed planning phase is completed, the project moves on to be approved in accordance with the local law. We compile all application documents - including necessary reports (noise, shadow etc), detailed construction plans and landscape conservation measures - which we will then submit to the relevant authority.

Based on results from detailed planning and expert reports, VSB is able to develop environmentally friendly solutions in each respective region. Once all regulatory and legal requirements are met and when authorization is secured, the project can be implemented. After the necessary infrastructure is established, wind turbines are installed and commissioned. We coordinate all construction processes and the various contractors involved until the wind turbines are ready to be commissioned.

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