Planned projects

Project planned capacity estimated commissioning
Neamt I 20 MW 2018
Neamt II 28 MW 2018
Iaşi 48MW 2018
Botoşani 40,8MW 2018

Selection of wind farm projects of VSB Group

Project WTG Installed capacity Commissioning Investment volume
Wölkisch wind farm (Germany) 10 wind turbines 20.5 MW April to November 2015 EUR 31 million
Gréneville wind farm (France) 8 wind turbines 24.0 MW August 2013 EUR 26 million
Taczalin wind farm (Poland) 22 wind turbines 45.1 MW August 2013 EUR 75 million
Melfi wind farms I and II (Italy) 19 wind turbines 46.8 MW June to November 2015 EUR 90 million

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