VSB - About us

With over 16 years of experience,
VSB group is one of the largest providers
of complete solutions in the field of
wind power and photovoltaic.

The VSB Group offers complete and innovative solutions within the renewable energy market. From conception and project implementation to plant management, VSB actively develops attractive investment opportunities for investors and limited partners.

We offer an entire range of services, from project conception and implementation to the management of wind and solar parks. The VSB Group, headquartered in Dresden, has already taken its first steps abroad in 2001. Since then our employees in VSB's subsidiaries in France, Italy, Poland and Romania have been getting involved in clean energy generation. Numerous implemented projects throughout Europe demonstrate the success of VSB Group and establish the basis for further expansion.

More than 200 VSB employees are committed to working for clean energy throughout Europe. VSB is one of the largest providers of complete solutions in the area of wind energy and photovoltaics.


1997 What began in 1997 for Andreas Dorner and his father Achim Dorner as a visionary idea, has evolved greatly today: From a small Dresden planning office for solar energy facilities to one of the largest wind energy companies in Germany.
2001 VSB went international by opening the subsidiary in France. During this year, the cumulated investments of VSB rose up to 50 mio. Euro.
2004 The cumulated investments of the group rose to 150 mio. Euro.
2005 The first French wind park is installed, in Plouguin.
2006 VSB inaugurated in U-Tri-Panu the first wind park in the Czech Republic.
2008 VSB became an international group, by opening the branches in Poland and Romania. In the same year, VSB built the tallest wind farm in the world at that moment, with a total height of 191 m, in Germany (Spremberg).
2009 In addition to wind energy, the solar industry became more of a focus. This lead to the development of the first photovoltaic facilities in southern France in 2010.
2011 VSB completed its first wind park in Poland, near the village of Lipniki, generating 30.75 megawatts.
2012 VSB built the second wind park in the Czech Republic, near Andelka, in the Liberec region and entered with Ukraine and Italy on two new markets.
2013 VSB completes a 45MW project in Taczalin (Poland), the largest in the history of the group, reaching 100MW of installed capacity this year alone.
2015 Establishment of a Finnish subsidiary – the investment total passes € 1 billion. The first wind farm in Italy is built.
2016 VSB is already supplying over a million people with clean green electricity.

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