Project acquisition

Fresh energy for your
wind power project

In case the wind is ever
less than favourable…

Do you have doubts about the profitability of your wind farm project? Or has a funding gap opened up? Then get in touch with us. VSB will check the cost efficiency and options for successfully continuing your project. If the result is positive, we will acquire your project and connect your wind turbine to the grid.

Ensuring good progress for your wind farm

VSB rests on a solid foundation. We are experienced project developers for renewable energy, have in-depth expertise, and are in a financially stable position. Project planners, public utilities and energy cooperatives all have the option of selling their project rights to VSB. We will acquire your wind farm. No matter what development stage your project is in, we will bring it to completion.

If you prefer to continue playing an active part in the progress of your wind farm, we look forward to cooperating with you. What drives us? The goal of moving the energy revolution forward and bringing your wind farm project to a successful conclusion.

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