Solar Energy

Good weather for a higher yield

The sun provides an endless source of energy. This energy is available to us free of charge, without any limitation and in an environmentally friendly way. A photovoltaic plant converts it into clean electricity. You too can use your land profitably to generate electricity with photovoltaic plants. You can feed the electricity generated by your photovoltaic plant into the grid or use it for your own needs.
You don't want to invest directly but want to rent out your land? No problem! Together we will find the best solution.

VSB - Your photovoltaic expert

No two photovoltaic projects are the same. That’s why we consult and plan the best use of your space directly with you. We take care of this for you: as part of an analysis of the potentials, we will check which areas are suitable for your photovoltaic plant. We pay particular attention to landfills, processing sites, highways, railways, industrial zones, 'low value' areas and roofing systems. We will also analyse the land in advance. Does your project meet the basic requirements? We will check the safety of the land, the layout of the plant, the technological framework, study the planning data and the criteria to be considered for approval.

All the advantages:

  • Obtaining revenues from unused areas
  • Long-term and safe investment

energy for you