Our expertise

VSB, with its headquarters in Potenza, has been designing
and developing wind and solar farms
in the Italian market since 2018.


What we stand for

The production of clean energy is our passion and we firmly believe that it is possible to supply sufficient renewable energy to satisfy demand.

A broad vision and an awareness of the importance of high quality are the compass for developing wind and solar power plants. Customers, partners, and employees appreciate the stability provided by the VSB Group. With our reliability and professional skills, we earn and maintain the trust of our business partners.

Transparency, integrity, and fairness, as well as sustainability, are extremely important concepts to us. Our work is based on three key criteria: ecology, profitability, and social responsibility.

VSB Group - added value

Not only climate protection, but also the global political situation requires ever-growing independence from energy imports and fossil fuels. The driving force behind our actions is the production of energy through wind and photovoltaic plants.  For over 20 years, VSB has been developing successful solutions for a green energy future. We offer safe, profitable, and sustainable solutions. Our international network of companies has grown steadily. Thanks to synergies in terms of skills, experience, and our network of contacts, we provide all our best resources for innovative ideas.

Our aim is to increase energy efficiency and to promote the growth of renewable energy with you. The energy is available: it is in natural resources, in VSB Group's strong network, and with you. Let’s make the future green!

Here you can find all the projects developed by the VSB Group in the field of renewable energy.

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