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The future of energy production is characterized by environmental protection and the challenge of using natural resources intelligently.  In this sense, VSB is developing projects with renewable energy to be in harmony with man and the environment. Forward-looking, decentralized generation concepts contribute significantly to climate protection.  We are all responsible for our successor generations; so this is another reason, why the transformation of energy generation is already in full swing.

Do you want to push ahead with the energy revolution?  We do, too!  This is why VSB supports the man in the street, as well as the entrepreneurs and the politicians. We will provide information about our development work to ensure understanding and involvement – right from the start.

Not only will the climate benefit from the wind or solar farm, but also the landowners and community.  The increased value related to the property will grow: business taxes and lease income will increase, local construction companies and service technicians will receiving additional orders and thus will help to secure jobs.

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