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Whether you are a farmer, an agricultural cooperative, a forestry company or a private property owner, you will be part of the development right from the start.  We will include you during the design and permitting process.  You will benefit from fair land lease agreements – risk-free.  You will not have to worry about anything; VSB will manage everything.

Throughout the entire project life of at least two decades, VSB will be at your service as a reliable partner.  Your advantage in having VSB as a partner; we provide everything under one roof – from the design through permitting, construction and commissioning and including operational management.

We will create the best solution for you.

Our long-term experience and our excellent contacts with specialist suppliers, turbine manufacturers, banks and insurance companies will all influence the successful development of the wind or solar farm on your property.

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Do you own land and do you wish to install wind turbines or photovoltaic panels? VSB offers a wide range of partnership opportunities for you. As a land owner, you can make a key contribution to the energy revolution in your region. You will benefit from the clean electricity that can be produced on your property. Enjoy secure long-term and predictable lease income. You will be involved in the landscape design during the planning phase, and you can participate in our beneficial partnership models. The result: environmentally friendly and socially acceptable renewable energy projects.

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