Developers require measures to unlock investment in wind energy projects

News DE, Topical  / 16.01.2017

The development companies of wind energy projects point out and urgently request the Romanian Government to adopt measures to unlock investments in new projects for producing energy from renewable sources in Romania. From the perspective of the 10 signatory companies of the press release, the swift implementation of these measures can prevent the recurrence of crises situations in the national energy system.

In Romania, the recent extreme weather conditions have caused serious problems in the nuclear power production (the fault and the controlled disconnection of Reactor 1 from Cernavoda), the available coal stocks of the thermal power plants decreased rapidly, the reserves of hydropower were reduced and the photovoltaic energy production was negligible, remind the representatives of the developement companies of wind energy projects.

“Only the wind energy coped with the blizzards, generating energy at a record level, sometimes even 36% of the consumption, making possible to save the stocks of hydropower and fossil fuels. The reduction of these stocks is the real cause of the occurrence of an impending crisis in the energy system”, it is stressed out in the statement.

According to the document, “the wind energy could provide even more energy for Romania, if the legislative changes that have occurred over time, wouldn’t have led to the blocking of the projects and even to the loss of the necessary funding for the construction of new wind farms.”

In the view of the investors in projects of energy generation from renewable sources “the existence of a higher installed capacity power in wind power plants would have ensured the maintaining of the hydropower and fossil fuels stocks, but the lack of a fair, stable and predictable legislative framework blocks any investment in new clean energy sources, although the wind power is the cheapest source of energy for new capacities and the cleanest and safest option in extreme winter weather conditions.

As the national energy system is in danger, the wind projects have massive losses – hundreds of millions of euros – and Romania became the only European Union country without a mechanism for supporting or attracting investment in clean energy.”

The warning message transmitted to the authorities from the energy sector is signed by representatives of ten companies actives in the wind sector: Electra Norte Eolian, Energy Sky, EVN Windpower, Gestamp Eolica Dacia, Internaţional Wind Energy Botoşani, PNE Wind  Romania Energy Holding, Windkraft Simonsfeld RO, Electrawinds, Electrice Renovata, VSB Energie Verde Romania.


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