Management of PPA contracts

As a company with experience in concluding PPAs, we are one of the few entities in Poland that implement contracts of this type. For our clients with wind or photovoltaic projects, we will select a portfolio of recipients whose profile match a specific wind or photovoltaic project. For end-users, we offer long-term contracts at attractive energy price levels. It became possible to implement PPAs in Poland in 2007, but it wasn’t until last year that the renewable sources went through the transition to market-oriented economy and were opened for price competition on the Polish market based on the PPA mechanism.

Comprehensive scope of services:

  • Analysis of the producer's production profile
  • Selection of the recipient's profile
  • Preparation of general conditions of the PPA
  • Conducting price negotiations
  • PPA contract service - forecasting, balancing, settlements
  • Additional services - guarantees of origin, colouring, providing certificates
  • Active trading in energy on the day-ahead market and the balancing market as well as the intraday market
  • Attractive form of share in profit (up-side)

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