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VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska thinks big when it comes to the wide range of project implementation: from purchase of project rights, through services, to the complete turn-key implementation. We pay attention to good relations with both our customers and subcontractors. Our strength is high-quality services and balanced development of the whole VSB capital group.

  • Experience – hands-on rather than in theory

    VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska sp. z o.o. (VSB EO PL) belongs to the German VSB holding, which has been implementing renewable energy projects in Europe and in selected African countries since 1996. In Poland, VSB has built the first wind farm in the Opole Region called Lipinki with the total power of 30.75 MW as well as its largest wind farm called Taczalin with the total power of 45.1 MW in the Dolnośląskie Province.

  • What are we valued for?

    We have gained the trust of our customers thanks to our reliability and professionalism that are the characteristics of our operation. We pay special attention to clearly specified principles, honesty and the rules of fair play. Furthermore, we constantly improve quality of our services and optimize their costs and time. We also combine efficient production of energy with responsible spatial planning.

  • Cooperation with the best companies

    The innovative market of renewable energy brings together a lot of experts, and we invite the best ones to work with us. VSB cooperates closely with renowned companies, and institutions and as a result we achieve innovative solutions for utilizing renewable energy sources. This is why our projects are so successful.

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