VSB in Ireland

VSB in Ireland

Locally based,
internationally connected


Proximity creates regional competence; An unbeatable advantage!

Why is it important for successful project development to be locally based? It is quite simple: only those who know the national and regional conditions best can act in the optimal manner. These conditions can be very different, particularly in the renewable energy industry. That's why we specialise. Our expert teams are well-versed in matters of law, finance and administration. They are reliable with management of demanding permitting procedures and they are very familiar with local policy. They know exactly what is neccessary for regional public relations and they will adapt to any respective requirements on an individual basis.

The VSB Group is established internationally.  With our national and regional offices, we are always nearby.  We understand local requirements and will advise you accordingly.  In Ireland, these requirements are different from those in Germany, France or Finland, for example.  Appreciation of regional characteristics is essential for successful project development.  This advantage is embedded in the entire VSB value chain.  Global knowledge is available locally; a whole network of experts provides a solid experience foundation.  You also benefit from our purchasing abilities; as an international renewable energy service provider our relationships with manufacturers is very advantageous.

The financial strength of the entire VSB Group provides VSB Renewable Energy Ireland Ltd with a powerful advantage. This gives us immense stability, which our customers and partners can rely on. The implementation of numerous projects across Europe illustrates the success of our corporation.

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