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Whether you are an investor, a renewable energy development company, a landowner, a cooperative or a community interested in solar parks, we can help you add value to your idea, regardless of its development stage.

Even during the free initial consultation, you will receive an assessment of your project. This means you have a solid basis to plan the next steps with us.

We’ll take care of this for you: as part of a potential analysis, we will check which areas are suitable for your solar energy project. Here we pay special attention to landfills, conversion sites, motorways, railways, industrial estates, ‘low value’ areas and roof systems. We will also investigate the ground in advance. Does your project idea stand up to critical requirements? Then we will check the securing of land, the farm layout, the technological framework, create an initial profit forecast, investigate the given planning basis and the consideration criteria for approval.

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The sun provides an infinite amount of energy. More than the entire world population could ever consume. This energy is available to us free of charge, unlimited and environmentally friendly. Through photovoltaics, it is transformed into clean, electrical energy and can be used for a range of applications. You too can support the expansion of solar energy. It protects the climate, is good for the environment and ensures that our world shall be preserved for future generations.

Reasons for investing in a solar system for businesses, associations, local authorities:

  • Reduce electricity costs
  • Increase profits
  • Generate independence
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Long-term and secure investment
  • Reinforce a positive Image

 Get a picture: Solarpark Magdeburg

The Magdeburg solar farm is an outstanding example for the successful transformation of a former landfill site (Cracauer Anger) into a high-performance solar farm. Under the direction of VSB, a photovoltaic farm was created within just five months, covering the energy needs of around 11,000 people.


Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany

  • 37,600 units
  • Ground - Mounted
  • 8.49 MW Total Capacity
  • Commissioning 2011

Project Development, Operation Management, Maintenance und Repairs

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Clean energy on a former landfill

The Magdeburg solar farm was built within five months under the direction of VSB. Since December 2011, a total of 37,600 photovoltaic modules now produce eco-friendly electricity on 14 of the 40 hectares of a former landfill, “Cracauer Anger”.

Challenges mastered

The location on a slope with a grade of 15° and the subgrade, which contains a functional gas distribution system, laid the groundwork for planning and implementing the ground-mounted system. The rack systems could go no more than 50 cm deep into the ground. In addition, only vehicles with a limited axle load were permitted to perform earth and construction work. Regional building companies carried out the work at the solar farm. In addition, the reliable joint venture with the City of Magdeburg and the waste company ensured compliance with the tight project schedule.

The altered utilisation of the former conversion area was highly appreciated by the citizens and the city administration. The official dedication of the solar farm was celebrated in January 2012, with representatives of the state and regional governments and everyone who was involved in the project.

This was a joint venture between the investor and town administration, the way it should be. There was great respect and understanding. I really appreciated the joint venture with VSB, and I am very pleased that it worked out so well.

Holger Platz, Deputy for Community Affairs of the City of Magdeburg

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