Village electrification of Kambaco in Guinea-Conakry, with Synergie Solaire

 /  21.10.2020

Started in January 2020, this project followed by Electriciens sans frontières and supported by VSB énergies nouvelles, has made great progress.

VSB, a committed society

In 2020, VSB energies nouvelles employees chose to allocate all of the corporate sponsorship to the solar electrification project for collective services of Kambaco village in Guinea-Conakry, with Synergie Solaire.

Electriciens sans frontières, has been working with local actors on the electrification of the school, the health center, the installation of public lighting and water supply through solar pumping.

Started in January 2020, a large part of the work has been completed


Need to act !

With more than half of its population living in poverty, this country is ranked 175th (out of 189 countries) in terms of human development by the United Nations Development Program. Many communities lack basic services: health, education, etc. Access to water and electricity is scarce, more particularly in rural areas. This project aims to promote the socio-economic development of the village of Kambaco.


Works evolution

  • Solar electrification of shcool and college : classroom lighting, provision of informatique tools for 350 children 
  • Electrification of the health center : rooms lighting and provision of a system to preserve vaccines.
  • Public lighting to improve the central market conditions : installation of 5 solar street lights
  • Access to water by solar pumping in progress : part of this work is finished and remaining tasks should be finalized after the rainy season. It will improve tcare quality and reduce time and penibility of women water chores.  A "water" and "electricity" management committee was set up to ensure gouvernance and technical management of this installation.


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