VSB and Solarigo are developing Finland’s first industrial scale wind and solar hybrid energy park in Kalajoki

Topical  / 13.10.2021

Renewable energy developer VSB Uusiutuva Energia Suomi Oy and large-scale solar power specialist Solarigo Systems Oy have reached an agreement to create Finland’s first industrial scale wind and solar hybrid energy park in Kalajoki. The design of the park also enables it to become Finland’s first hybrid energy park with electrical storage capability. Similar hybrid parks are rare, making this project internationally significant.

The park will combine the Juurakko Wind farm, with 7 turbines and total output of 40 MW, with a 24 000 panel and 13 MW solar power farm. When completed, the park will produce 136 GWh of annual renewable energy for Finnish consumption, equalling the annual use of 7000 houses with electrical heating.

The Juurakko wind farm is currently under construction. Turbine delivery will commence in the spring of 2022, with commercial electricity generation beginning in the fall of 2022. The solar power farm’s construction is planned for 2022. The hybrid park is scheduled to be operational in 2023.

As a part of the project, the construction of an industrial scale intelligent energy storage is planned. The energy storage enables the efficient integration of renewable energy to the electrical system.

“Wind and solar power are a good match because their load profiles supplement each other. It will be interesting to see how the combination of these generation methods in Finland benefits the electricity markets”, says VSB Uusiutuva Energia Suomi Oy CEO Seppo Tallgren.

The hybrid park’s grid connection point will be Fingrid Oy’s Jylkkä substation in Kalajoki. Cooperation in the project enables intelligent use of grid infrastructure and increases the usage rate of renewable energy technology. The planned energy storage facility increases grid reliability.

“I am looking forward to our collaboration in this unique project. This will be Scandinavia’s first hybrid power park with storage capability that connects directly to the Finnish grid”, says Antti Koskelainen, Solarigo Systems CEO.

The park in Kalajoki is a pilot project, in which different technological solutions will be tested in a hybrid park concept. The project creates significant international growth potential for Finnish wind and solar power expertise.

To develop the park to its full potential, Solarigo has applied for investment aid in large-scale demonstration projects in new energy technology with the ministry of economic affairs and employment of Finland.

Additional information:

VSB Uusiutuva Energia Suomi Oy
Seppo Tallgren
p. +358 40 869 7252

Solarigo Systems Oy
Antti Koskelainen
p. +358 40 726 7673

Solarigo Systems Oy is a Finnish energy company that supplies companies with turnkey solar power system solutions and electricity supply contracts without customer investments.
Solarigo’s largest owner is Lumme Energia Oy, which is a part of the Suur-Savon Sähkö corporation.
Additional information: www.solarigo.fi

Photo: Ville Suorsa

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