Wind history
in the making

Sometimes you have to sail against
the wind in order to use it for
clean energy production.

Back then...

Andreas and Achim Dorner established their consultancy firm at the time when the wind energy was in the fledgling stages. A courageous endeavour - in 1996 wind energy was considered somewhat idealistic, and was not yet regarded as a real alternative to conventional power generation. It is evident today that this pioneering work pointed the right direction.

It turned out to be an exciting story: the formerly small family enterprise blossomed into a full-service company with six national and international VSB companies all over Europe.

… and held in high regards today

When is the right time to take the next steps for company growth? So far, VSB has managed to find it. We observe the market very precisely and check whether jobs can be created and maintained in the long term. Only then, when there are realistic future prospects, do we make the decision to expand.

We were able to gradually develop the formerly small engineering firm into an internationally successful group of companies. The future offers many opportunities to advance the use of renewable energy in Europe. We contribute to this as a full-service operator: with innovative ideas, comprehensive experience and a solid competence network.

Looking back, we find our approach to be confirmed: we did a lot of things right. That motivates us to continue our journey with our customers, partners and employees, for a future well worth living.

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History of VSB Group

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