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VSB – a company in
harmony with nature

Sustainable actions:
Pleasure and commitment

Sustainable acting: Pleasure and commitment

Our objective is to do something appropriate and useful. The best way to achieve this is to use our knowledge and experience with renewable energy to support the people and communities in each region, while remaining in harmony with nature. Along with economic and ecological criteria, we are also committed to social criteria. Protecting the environment and climate is close to our heart. We strive to promote this issue with care and a sense of proportion.

  • Sustainability – highly valued by VSB

    We are involved in clean energy and committed to sustainability. It is an essential part of our business, and is stipulated in the VSB group’s mission statement. Our actions are defined by fairness and transparency. We value open dialogue, whether externally with local people and communities or internally with employees and partners. Appreciation, vision and reliability are the basis for our constructive interactions. This is not only efficient and focused, but also gives us pleasure every day.

  • VSB – a preferred employer

    It is important to us to contribute to the environment and to support future generations. As a family-friendly company, we are equally committed to the well-being of our employees. Our partnership-based joint venture contributes to creative and successful work, and we all enjoy it. This is valuable not just for us, but also for our customers and cooperation partners.

  • Sharing the perception of environmental protection

    Numerous regional associations and initiatives demonstrate to children and teenagers how important it is to protect our environment. They create an awareness about handling energy responsibly, and build an understanding of renewable energy. This is done with an impressive volunteer commitment – but often more money and expertise is needed to impart this knowledge in a practical way. Our foundation, “Zukunft schützen” (“Protect the future”), supports numerous projects in the area of renewable energy.

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  • VSB Forest – forestation in Belgern

    In cooperation with our project partner PrimaKlima e.V., VSB supports the forestation of green spaces. The first project is developed near Belgern, which is located in northern Saxony, approximately 75 km away from the company’s headquarter in Dresden. A speciose mixed forest is built by planting 1000 trees, which contain fluttering elm, sweet cherry, durmast oak and hornbeam. The trees absorb approximately two tonnes of CO2 every year and plays a part in contributing to save the climate. Due to its vicinity to surrounding villages, the forest will soon be a local recreation area and home to numerous species.

In harmony with nature: Wind energy plants – important for the eco-friendly energy system of tomorrow. In harmony with people: Fair, family-friendly and socially involved – that is how we work.

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