VSB Holding GmbH

VSB Holding GmbH combines the operative companies of VSB. It includes the site VSB Neue Energie Deutschland, along with the other project companies, which work in close cooperation to take advantage of synergies.

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VSB Neue Energien Deutschland

Our site VSB Neue Energien Deutschland also has its regional office in Dresden. We are working there and in our two regional offices in Erfurt and Osnabrück to support a public and local power supply from renewable energy. Furthermore, our field service project developers are located in all 16 German states – so VSB is always in your vicinity. We are well informed about specific local features, so we can give our customers tailor-made support.

Acting against a sound background

The VSB group headquartered in Dresden, Germany, is a successful company positioned across Europe in the sector of renewable energy. Economically strong with distinct competencies, VSB is active both nationally and internationally. The focus is on the individual regions, where we are represented with six VSB companies.

The financial strength of the overall VSB group gives VSB Neue Energien Deutschland a strong backbone. That makes us a sound and stable partner that our customers and cooperation partners can rely on.

Numerous realised projects in the European countries illustrate our company’s success. Learn more about the VSB companies and VSB Holding. Would you like to know what we can do for you? Learn more about our service portfolio.

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Think globally – act locally. We can help you: The VSB group is there for you – from the initial wind farm idea to operation, repowering and dismantling.


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