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The management of VSB Deutschland

For your wind park projects in Germany: Markus Brogsitter

Clear conceptions, expertise and drive – that is what characterises Markus Brogsitter, Managing Director of VSB Deutschland. He is responsible for project development for the regions of

Transparency is important to us. Not only for our services and projects, but also for our management.

For all your wind farm projects in Germany: Markus Brogsitter

As Managing Director of VSB Deutschland, he is responsible for the success of the German affiliate. His responsibilities include the strategic orientation of the company and its positioning in the renewable energy market.

Driving innovations, opening up new fields of business and breaking new ground – these are the essential endeavours to which Markus Brogsitter commits his expertise and great dedication. Other high priorities include further development of the company and staff as well as paving the way for strategic joint ventures. He has even more responsibility in the parent company: As the officer with statutory authority, he manages purchasing and product development.

“For more than 20 years, VSB’s range of services has covered the entire value chain. It is our goal to act fairly and for the benefit of our customers. That way, we can prepare custom-fit solutions for the individual regional situation. Together with our partners, we can make the energy revolution a success - with dedicated communities, regional companies and cooperation partners from the plant construction and project financing sectors.”

Markus Brogsitter, Managing Director

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