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Would you like to generate green energy with photovoltaic plants? Whether you are a project planner, public utility company, a cooperative or a private entity, you will benefit from a complete package with VSB. We implement your solar power projects – from selecting suitable land and obtaining the required construction permits for your photovoltaic plant to turnkey handover.

What we do for you:

  • Initial consultation to clarify potential

    The free initial consultation includes an assessment of your project. That allows you to focus on the next stages of your project with a solid basis.

    What we do for you:

    • We perform a potential analysis to check which areas are suitable for your photovoltaic project. We place particular emphasis on landfills, conversion areas, highways, railways, industrial areas, “low value” areas and roof installations. If required, we will examine the soil beforehand.
    • Will your project idea meet the crucial requirements? We review the process of securing the property, the layout of the solar farm and the general technical conditions; we prepare an initial yield analysis and examine the existing planning foundations as well as the decision criteria for approval.
  • Project development – up to turnkey handover

    We work closely with communities, land owners and other regional partners to implement your photovoltaic plant. Thus companies from the region will also benefit from your project. 

    What we do for you:

    • Legal expertise, conclusion of contracts, energy yield assessments and optimisation of your complete photovoltaic plant.
    • Applications for the required land use and development plans.
    • Detailed technical planning, for example with respect to shadowing.
    • Assistance for the approval process.
    • Determination of suitable grid connection points.
    • Conclusion of contractual agreements with the grid operator and energy supplier.
    • Project planning with consideration for the environmental requirements and constraints.
    • Preparation or commissioning of expert opinions.
    • Planning and realisation of compensatory measures.
    • Contracting with regional construction and transport companies.
    • Preparation of a tailored funding concept using the existing partnerships between VSB and individual banks.
    • Dismantling and recycling.
  • Optimisation– improved energy generation, increased revenues

    Is your project in the planning phase, or are you already operating a photovoltaic plant? We can support you in any phase of the project or optimise your plant with efficient repowering.

    What we do for you:

    • Exchange or select modules and inverters.
    • For partial shadowing: plan and improve cable routing.
    • Create financial concept and increase the project yield.
    • Ensure optimal and fault-free operation.
    • Maintenance and inspection during times with reduced yield.

Gain insight: Magdeburg solar farm

The Solar park Magdeburg is an example of a successful conversion of a former landfill site (Cracauer Anger) into a high-performance solar farm. A photovoltaic plant was constructed under the management of VSB in just five months, covering the energy demand for approx. 11,000 People.

"Along with In addition to the wind, the sun is the supporting a key pillar in the mix of renewable energies. The entire sun Sun radiation alone could satisfy cover the energy demand of the world world’s population multiple times: A several times over: potential we can perfectly use in the interest of the following desperately need for future generations."

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