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In harmony:
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In harmony: environment and your wind farm

Wind farms can be justified only if they are in harmony with nature. This is a consistent concept: those who choose climate protection by wind energy are also responsible for the surrounding environment. We gladly bear this responsibility with you.

New locations are full of challenges

Can your project idea be approved? Is your chosen location suitable?

We check the environmental compatibility of your planned wind farm – from acquisition and planning to the realisation and operation of your plants. Precise inspection of the site and careful environmental planning mean that very little interference with the ecosystem is required during the construction and operation phase, and that species protection will be taken into account. This not only increases the chances for approval of your wind turbine, but also creates new species-rich habitats for animals and plants. It also contributes to the restoration of natural soil conditions by uncovering land and demolishing unused buildings. Traditional orchards, groves and trees along field paths add to the natural scenery. This results in an eco-friendly wind farm and at the same time a recreation area for residents and visitors.

Is your project faltering?

If your planning or approval process is stagnating, we are at your side to offer efficient troubleshooting. We provide declarations and help you coordinate with public authorities and obtain expert opinions. We find solutions that can make your wind farm possible while protecting nature.

VSB can review the location and environmental compatibility of your planned wind farm. Would you like to know more? Please take advantage of our free initial consultation.




"Each year we develop comprehensive measures to protect the habitats of plants and animals in order to meet the high requirements for species protection."

Peter Horntrich, Head of Environmental Planning, VSB Neue Energien Deutschland GmbH

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