Maintenance for your wind turbines

High availability –
greater yield

The VSB Group regards consistent prevention and
effective action as the key factors behind maintenance.

Maintenance for your wind generators – reliable, experienced, fast.

As an ENERCON partner, VSB has ensured reliable performance and long-term high availability for wind turbines at a high standard for over fifteen years. With ten service centres across Germany and a team of over 40 excellently trained, experienced service technicians, we offer efficient operational capability and are quick to arrive on site when needed. We also provide swift supply of spare parts from our central warehouse in Wittenberg, alternative suppliers and an own workshop to recondition parts.



Our maintenance concepts for your wind turbines

Whether you require preventative maintenance or urgent repairs, our VSB ENERGIEPARK MANAGEMENT maintenance team is your specialist in ENERCON turbine models E-40, E-44, E-48, E-53, E-58, E-66, E-70, E-82, E-92 and E-101. We will gladly provide you with a personal consultation and find you the right solution for maintenance, whether you require maintenance agreement basic, PLUS, MAX or a tailored maintenance concept.


Maintenance ContractMaintenance Contract
Maintenance Contract
MAX (2020)
First ascent
Remote Control 24/7
Remote reset
Maintenance services in accordance with manufacturer specifications
Audit DGUV V3
Rotor blade scan and management
Technical consulting
Insurance concept
Small and wear partsAt costs
Repair including spare parts
(excluding large components)
At costs
Repair including spare parts
(including large components)
Guaranteed availability up to 97%



“In VSB Technik, we have found a young, dynamic, highly motivated team to look after our turbines, which offers exemplary preventative maintenance and excellent teamwork.”

Sven Harder, Head of Technical Operations Management at WESTWIND GmbH

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Our services in detail

  • Remote monitoring & remote reset

    The wind turbines we look after are remote-monitored online 24/7. Turbines are permanently checked to ensure they work perfectly. If required, we can stop or start up wind turbines and also complete a remote reset, thus minimising downtimes.

  • Preventative maintenance

    We complete our service procedures as per manufacturers’ specifications and general technical standards. We constantly optimise our servicing activities during the regular check on your wind turbine. In doing so, operators’ individual needs are taken into account as are the special characteristics of the wind turbine and its location. We use synergy effects to reduce costs. The required DGUV V3 test, the rotor blade scan and small maintenance tasks are all completed during maintenance, for example. On completion, we produce a detailed maintenance report with recommendations for action. This means the condition of your wind turbines are transparent for you at all times.


  • Fault elimination management

    It is our aim to ensure high availability for your wind turbine for the long term. We minimise downtimes thanks to our standardised process for “broken-down” turbines. Besides structured spare part and logistics management, we also have certified processes which are automatically set in motion the moment a malfunction is reported. We not only guarantee you high availability, but also short response times.


  • Damage management for rotor blades

    VSB offers damage management for rotor blades as part of our maintenance agreements. Repair cycles can only be adapted, synergy effects used and downtimes minimised if the condition of rotor blades is known. We ensure that costs can be budgeted thanks to the use of imaging methods and AI-based analyses of data. The annual survey and analysis of rotor blades also guarantee quality of repairs.


  • Replacement of large components

    Damage or breakdowns involving large components cause long downtimes and high losses in yield. Since 2019, VSB has worked together with Greenbridge to offer its clients large component replacement for ENERCON turbines. Combining our expertise allows us to provide everything for large component replacement from a single supplier: from swift provision of required spare parts and coordination of crane, storage and transport services through to construction site management and commissioning.


  • Generator repair

    We have specialised in the repair of generators made by wind turbine manufacturer ENERCON through our VSB generator team in cooperation with PARTZSCH Windgeneratoren Service. We also repair stator defects in addition to rotors.

  • Insurance concept

    As a VSB customer, you will benefit from special insurance conditions which we can offer you under our general insurance contract. The policy covers losses in yield, all-risks insurance and machine operation interruption.

    A few key contract advantages:

    • Affordable insurance premiums
    • Low co-payments
    • Co-insurance of technological progress
    • VSB communicates directly with the insurance broker in the event of a claim (on request)

    Our insurance concept also delivers other cost savings. The insurance company accepts VSB maintenance reports and rotor blade scans as a periodical inspection (every two years).

  • Other services

    • Main bearing measurements
    • Transmission station support and maintenance
    • Technical operation management and maintenance for substations
    • Fault management in cable network and infrastructure units

Spare parts management – maximum availability

Swift supply with spare parts is essential to ensure that your system is quickly repaired, thus ensuring maximum availability. We guarantee you such high spare part availability thanks to our three-point plan:

  • Fixed supply conditions agreed with the manufacturer
  • 60 alternative suppliers
  • Reconditioning of used spare parts in our own workshop.
    All spare parts, whether used or reconditioned, undergo our quality control and come with a year’s warranty.

Our logistics concept and a central warehouse in Wittenberg ensure that the required parts are quickly delivered to the turbine in the event of a shut-down. This allows us to offer a guarantee for our response times.



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