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VSB – the general contractor for your project
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We support you starting off with your idea until the commissioning and guarantee a turnkey realization. We are the central interface between you as a client and your planning and realisation. As your builder’s representative, we review and monitor your construction services. We provide for the grid connection and commission your wind farm.

Active on your behalf

Your wind farm project is in safe hands with VSB. We support your interests and handle all of the coordination processes with authorities, plant manufacturers and energy suppliers.

Do you want to take care of your core tasks but be sure that the construction of your wind farm is carried out reliably, efficiently and in accordance with your schedule and budget? As an experienced planning company, we have a professional network of reliable service providers. We coordinate the individual trades with precision and monitor their execution. We check the progress in regular site meetings. Of course we also carefully document your project so that everything will be comprehensible even many years later.

„Benefit from our knowledge of the industry and technical know-how. Look forward to stringent project realisation and successful completion. “

Ronny Kunath, Head of Installation, VSB Neue Energien Deutschland GmbH

Professional client representation

With us at your side, your project is in safe hands. As an experienced and competent partner, we are the central interface between you as the client, the planning office and construction team.

  • Advice on project optimisation (e.g., support in plant purchase, renegotiation of prices and contracts)
  • Identification of improvement potentials in the individual planning stages
  • Professional representation of your interests on site
  • Advice on necessary construction and delivery services
  • Examination and timely fulfilment of permit requirements
  • Examination of the planning documents for the electrotechnical and constructional execution of construction work, as well as for the implementation of compensation measures
  • Takeover of all coordination processes with authorities, plant manufacturers and energy suppliers
  • Risk assessment

Construction supervision and commissioning

We ensure that the construction of your energy park progresses reliably, on time and within budget. We ensure a smooth start for your project with rapid commissioning.

  • Supervision of construction work on site
  • Construction management according to state building regulations
  • Regular construction meetings
  • Review of services for quality and quantity
  • Transparent cost control
  • Preparation of current construction status reports according to customer requirements
  • Regular and open communication with the client
  • Careful compilation of all commercial and technical documentation
  • Precise coordination and monitoring of the commissioning of wind turbines, transfer stations and substations with grid operators and turbine manufacturers
  • Competent consulting and execution of required plant certifications

Acceptance of construction work and elimination of defects

The statutory warranty period begins with the acceptance of the construction work. Leave the most important stage of your construction project to experienced and reliable experts. Your personal success is our incentive.

  • Preparation of an independent expert report before acceptance of the wind turbines
  • Quality control and detailed preparation of defect lists
  • On-schedule acceptance of all ordered services
  • Conscientious monitoring of defect elimination

Benefit from our specialist knowledge of the industry. You can look forward to a strict project schedule and successful completion.

Benefit from our knowledge of the industry and our technical know-how. You can expect strict realisation and successful completion.

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