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Would you like to gain some professional experience during your studies? And discover which sectors suit you best, what you are really interested in, and what options are open to you in the future? Then come and join us as a student trainee.



As a student trainee in the field of planning, Elisabeth Schütze supports our project developers in their daily work. She prepares spreadsheets, helps process permit applications and works closely with other specialist departments. In her leisure time she plays a lot of sports, goes bouldering regularly and enjoys tinkering.

Elisabeth Schütze, student trainee at VSB

  • Why did you choose VSB during your studies?

    I became aware of VSB during my Masters Course in Spatial Development and Natural Resources Management, during an event at the university.
    My work gives me very good insight into the company, which allows me to optimally combine theory and practice.

  • How does your activity with VSB enrich you?

    I gain practical insight into the sector by working with VSB. I can apply what I have learned in theory and gain some initial professional experience. I feel like my studies, which are sometimes not so exciting, become much more alive. You can see how a company works and learn how to adjust to the circumstances.

  • What does sustainability mean to you, and how do you integrate it into your everyday life?

    For me, sustainability means living your life in such way that the following generations will also have the chance to enjoy a good life. In practice, that means I do not own so much technology, and if something is broken I try to repair it first. I see that I can buy things second-hand, and with food, I try to buy only as much as I really need.  

  • Why would you recommend VSB to other students?

    During my activity as a student trainee I got very good insight into the company processes, and I can take responsibility while working on projects. I really appreciate the outstanding working atmosphere and the collaboration opportunities with colleagues. Playing volleyball together after work is a perfect way to let the day fade away and relax.  

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