Corporate responsibility

Sustainability is our

Corporate social responsibility at VSB

Promoting the energy revolution is a key part of our corporate philosophy. We apply all of our commitment and knowledge to this issue. Furthermore, we live out sustainability in a holistic way by taking our social responsibility seriously. The conservation of an environment worth living in is close to our heart, along with the well-being of our employees and our social commitment.

VSB – active in association work

The professionalism and quality of our range of services is enriched by our membership in industry societies and associations. Our employees maintain extensive professional connections  at the national and regional level. Working with associations gives us the opportunity to recognise current trends and topics early on and to actively contribute our competences. Furthermore, such institutions are an important link to the public and represent our interests with politics, governmental departments and authorities. This is why we are actively involved in energy and climate lobby associations at home and abroad.

Jointly for the future…

VSB established the foundation “Protect the future – new energy for the future “Zukunft schützen – Neue Energien für die Zukunft“, which is committed to child and youth projects that involve renewable energy. The foundation is open for project applications from other non-profit institutions and organisations that can teach young people about energy, conservation of natural resources and energy saving in a playful manner. Furthermore, we regularly donate to eligible projects at both our headquarters location in Dresden and also beyond.

…and in our own company

Of course we use green electricity at all of our  offices in Germany and we are gradually converting our foreign subsidiaries. We also seek climate-friendly assistance when it comes to mobility. Our first electric car, an “E-Golf”, has  complemented our vehicle fleet since 2015. With no emissions at all, this car has a range of up to 190 km when fully charged. All  our other vehicles have low consumption rates in order to use as few resources as possible. Furthermore, as an additional benefit, we cover the costs of our employees’ bus and train fares. Their travel to and from VSB offices should also be eco-friendly.

We print most of our brochures and flyers on FSC-certified paper. The FSC label stands for eco-friendly treatment of forest resources. We are working towards changing all print products to this standard in the future.

Events full of energy

VSB employees love not only intellectual, but also physical activities. The athletic events at our headquarters in Dresden are always well attended. Whether it is volleyball or participation in corporate running events or the corporate beach volleyball cup, we are pleased about the energy of our teams.

VSB Forest - forestation in Belgern

In cooperation with our project partner PrimaKlima e.V., VSB supports the forestation of green spaces. The first project is developed near Belgern, which is located in northern Saxony, approximately 75 km away from the company’s headquarter in Dresden. A speciose mixed forest is built by planting 1000 trees, which contain fluttering elm, sweet cherry, durmast oak and hornbeam. The trees absorb approximately two tonnes of CO2 every year and plays a part in contributing to save the climate. Due to its vicinity to surrounding villages, the forest will soon be a local recreation area and home to numerous species.

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VSB loves energy: eco-friendly for electricity and heat – dynamic with dedicated people.

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