Why is it important for successful project development to have someone available on site? Quite simply because the national and regional conditions can be very different in the renewable energy sector. Only those who know them well can determine the best course of action. Our teams of experts are very well versed in questions of law, financing and administration. They are proficient in the sophisticated approval processes and familiar with local politics. They know exactly what is needed for local public relations, and they can individually adjust to specific requirements.

Local roots, international network

The VSB Group is an international organisation. Thanks to our sites in different countries and our regional offices, we are always in your vicinity. We are familiar with the conditions on site, and we provide pinpointed consultations. In Germany, for example, the requirements are different than in France or Poland. Knowing the regional characteristics is essential for successful project development. This advantage is integrated into the entire VSB value chain. Global knowledge is available locally; a whole network of experienced experts provides a solid background. You will also benefit from our purchasing conditions, which we have negotiated with our suppliers as an international service provider for renewable energy.

Proximity creates regional competence – an unbeatable advantage when it comes to your wind or photovoltaic project.

Would you like to know where VSB can be found? We’re happy to help – learn about our locations.

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