VSB Group

There are several
winners in this game

The climate and the environment,
along with citizens, communities
and companies



Are you dreaming about an eco-friendly energy supply?

Be proactive with our help

What will the energy supply look like in 35 years? Will electricity and heat be exclusively sourced from renewable energy? A complete supply will be possible if the course is set now. Why hesitate? In addition, your involvement helps provide for a green future. Together we can make this vision a reality.

Everything is in place to implement the German and international energy and climate policy targets: natural resources, technologies, and long-term experience with renewable energy. Thousands of wind energy and photovoltaic plants are proof that the combination works: environmental protection and profitability.

The VSB Group – with added value

Not just climate protection, but also the political situation increasingly requires us to become independent from energy imports and fossil fuels. Our goal is to drive the energy revolution with wind energy and photovoltaics. VSB has been developing successful solutions for a green energy future for more than 20 years. These solutions are safe, profitable and sustainable. Our international company network has grown steadily. It offers the maximum freedom for innovative ideas by exploiting the synergies from our competence, experience and contacts.

Our objective is to increase energy efficiency and expand renewable energy –together with you. The energy is available: in natural resources, in our strong VSB Group network, and with you. Let us shape the green future! Learn how the VSB Group is organised.

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