More output and
higher yields
through repowering

A breath of fresh
air for your wind farm

Is your wind turbine becoming outdated?

Repowering is the magic formula for more output and higher yields.

What used to be state of the art 15 years ago is now outdated. If you are operating an older wind turbine, it could be worth your while to think about repowering. You can increase the electricity that your wind farm supplies to the grid, thus increasing your profit. In the process, we will replace older-generation wind turbines with modern and more powerful units. Of course, that means the expert opinions/surveys will need to be reviewed again, and the complex approval procedure restarted.

Repowering – optimise your wind farm now

If you would like to sell your old wind turbines, we are the right people to talk to. We will buy your project rights as well as the old generation. If you wish, we will invest in your wind farm in order to optimise it. That means we will also share the risks and opportunities. Or would you prefer to continue operating your wind farm yourself? In that case, we can offer you our tailor-made services – exactly how you need them.

Are you looking to increase output and yield? Check the options at your site now by making an appointment for a free consultation.

“VSB cooperates with well-known turbine manufacturers so we can meet the highest quality standards for reliable operation with low maintenance effort.”

Kerstin Mann, Member of the Board of Management, VSB Neue Energien Deutschland GmbH

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