Project development

Consultancy –
more than just a good chat

We will work closely
with you to design your wind farm

Onshore wind energy accounts for a significant share of power generation in Germany and Europe. This has always been our aim. The fact that VSB plays an essential part in this fills us with joy and pride, as it our clients and joint venture partners.

Networking to make your project idea a success

We are globally networked and we are in constant contact with our team locations in Germany and Europe. We combine all  core competences under a single roof. We maintain a local presence, so we are familiar with the local conditions. That way we can provide you with a customised consultation and help develop  and realise your project. We are experienced professional project development experts.

Maintaining contacts,  informing the community, being  committed to public involvement ; we  are able to also offer you all the other necessary services. In short, you receive the total package for your wind power project.

Expect nothing but the best from us: from the free initial consultation, project development and communication concepts to PR and participation concepts.

Get a direct consultation – without charge, of course! Mathias Güthling is looking forward to hearing about your project idea.



We open up new perspectives – for a higher quality of life, cleaner power generation and active climate protection.

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