Wind energy projects

From the idea
to repowering

Moving wind power
projects forward as a team

We develop turnkey systems on your behalf - from the initial idea through to eventual repowering. How would you like to work with us during project development? As a joint venture partner? That’s a good decision. Other options include the sale of your project rights or repowering of your facility – we can help you with that, too. Complex tasks call for skilled partners. VSB knows about all the requirements both at home and abroad.

Flexible options

What suits your requirements best: placing your entire wind farm project in our hands, or booking individual services? Choose from VSB’s wide range of services. Would you like to know which projects we have already successfully completed? Please take a look at our references.

In its directives for promoting new energy, the EU requires a fifth of the energy demand to be covered by renewable energy by 2020.

Source: German Wind Energy Association BWE

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