Solar energy projects

Sunshine galore

Solar energy projects for
your green power generation

Still a novelty that was viewed with scepticism just a few years ago,  PV (photovoltaic) has now claimed a firm place in green energy generation. Have you decided to harness the power of the sun for your own electricity generation ? In that case, we will gladly serve as your competent partner, offering our many years of national and international experience in the renewable energy sector.

Whether you are a public utility, cooperative, project developer or private individual, with VSB you benefit from a total package. From competent advice and selecting suitable sites for installing your PV system up to a turnkey handover, we will take your solar power projects to completion.

What is the potential of your solar energy project?

The free initial consultation provides you with an assessment of your project plans. That way you can tackle the next steps of your project from a solid base. Our potentials analysis determines which sites would be suitable for your solar energy project. We will also put your project idea to the test. Does it live up to the key requirements? And importantly, what can you expect from your investments? This is where we will draw up an initial profit forecast.

We cooperate closely with local authorities, property owners and other regional partners throughout Europe to successfully plan and build your PV plant. That way your project can also benefit companies in the region.

We are with you – at every stage

Irrespective of whether your project is in the planning stages or if you are already operating a PV plant, we will support you in every project phase or optimise your facility through targeted repowering.

A successful sunshine collector: Cavillargues solar farm

The 4.2 megawatt Cavillargues photovoltaic park gleams under the southern sun with fantastic average irradiation levels of 1,576 kWh per square meter. VSB has entered into a 20-year delivery agreement with French energy supplier EDF.

Find out about solar power and photovoltaics now. Your consultant is Patrick Barth.

Wind and sun will be there. Indefinitely.

We are counting on the wise foresight of every individual, and on the intelligent use of natural energy sources – for the benefit of our environment and for generations to come.

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