Environmental planning

We feel strongly
about protecting the
climate and the environment

In harmony:
nature and renewable energy

Fighting global warming.

Intelligent solutions that are based on renewable energy protect the climate and the environment.

Our wish to protect the environment was what sparked the foundation of the VSB Group in the first place. This desire continues to be firmly anchored in our company philosophy, then as now. By constructing wind and solar farms, we can contribute to clean energy generation in cooperation with our national and international clients. And we also meet the need for sustainability by installing appropriate facilities for generating renewable energy in harmony with nature.

Site surveys – ensuring the protection of species

We examine the environmental compatibility of your planned wind or solar farm within Europe. To keep interference with the ecosystem to a minimum in the construction and operating stages, we subject the site to an intensive review and provide sound environmental planning. A particular focus here is the protection of species. This increases the chances of gaining approval for your wind power or solar plant, while also creating additional habitats for the greatest possible diversity of animals and plants.

VSB at your side

Is your planning or approval process stagnating? VSB will come to your aid with expedient troubleshooting. We will help you coordinate with authorities, submit statements, and obtain expert opinions. The result: solutions that unburden nature and make your wind farm possible.

VSB will survey the site of your planned wind or solar farm. We will also take a close look at its environmental compatibility. Find out more in our free initial consultation.

"In every project, we develop comprehensive measures to protect the habitats of plants and animals in order to meet strict species protection requirements."

Peter Horntrich, Head of Environmental Planning

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