Construction services

VSB – client representation
for your wind farm

Helping your wind farm grow

Do you want to make sure the construction of your wind farm proceeds efficiently, reliably, on schedule and within budget? So that you can focus on your main business ? VSB will represent your interests at home and abroad, review your planning and approval documents, and coordinate everything with the authorities, system manufacturers and utility companies .

As experienced project planners, we have a professional network of dependable service providers in place throughout Europe. We coordinate the individual trades and monitor their work. We keep an eye on the construction progress through regular site consultation meetings. And naturally we will also carefully document your project so that everything is clear even years later.

Checks and Approvals – we will handle it

The legal warranty obligation starts with the handover of the finished work. Leave this important part of your wind farm project to the experienced and dependable experts at VSB.

We are the central interface between you as the client and the construction companies providing the services. As your client representative, we will tender your construction services and monitor them. We will also take care of the connection and commissioing of your wind farm.

You can build on us. Get in touch.

“The professional teamwork and transparent communication with VSB have even allowed us to implement more complex facility certifications, like those in Ruhlkirchen (Hesse, CERT-00-51210231) and Wölkisch (Saxony, CERT-00-51310528), both reliably and on time."

Bernd Hinzer, CEO, KEMA Zertifizierungsgesellschaft mbH Dresden

“We work side by side with our customers and personally ensure that your project is realised to your fullest satisfaction.”

Ronny Kunath, Head of Installation

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